Winner Show & Holland Cup

December 11. Holland Cup - December 12. & 13. 2015 Winnershow

(Online) Entry open

Online entry is open.

At this moment you can pay online with iDeal. In a few days you can also pay by Credit Card or Paypal.

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Judges List 2015

The Judges list for the Holland Cup 2015 and Amsterdam Winner Show is online.

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Eukanuba World Challenge 2015

Eukanuba World Challenge:  A second edition in Europe coming up

Geneva, February 2015 – Eukanuba is pleased to announce the 9th edition of the Eukanuba World Challenge (EWC).

Today, the organizers have confirmed that the Best of the Best competition will stop by in Amsterdam for the 2nd time, in conjunction with the famous Amsterdam Winner show, on December 13 & 14.

The idea of hosting the EWC Finals in Europe has been discussed since the early times of the Competition and for the first time this prestigious event was hosted in Holland last year. The perfect setting was created in Amsterdam, thanks to the fantastic collaboration with the Federation Cynologique Internationale, Raad van Beheer (Netherlands) and the Kennel Club (UK).

This year again. EWC will offer 40 plus slots to Kennel Clubs and BIS winners at major international shows*. The EWC Winner will be awarded prize money of EUR 7’500 plus EUR 3’500 to its nominating KC. First Runner-up and 3rd place will win EUR 2’500 and Euro 1’500 respectively. Jose Luis Ibanez, EWC Show Chairman stated: “We are delighted to maintain the same concept of lining-up the world’s “Best of the Best” dogs. It was proven last year that this competition in high on the breeders’ list and we are deeply proud of the support we received from the breeder community. This gives us a lot of energy to improve the show, again and again”.

Rafael de Santiago, President of FCI, commented last year event: “The Eukanuba World Challenge is a great end to the show season and the 8th edition quite honestly surpassed all expectations. It was great to see the support of the National Kennel Clubs, marching with their country representative. The FCI is proud to be part of this event and looks forward to our continued collaboration with Eukanuba.

With the move from the USA the Eukanuba team were able to stamp their requirements on how this unique event would be run,” said Gerald King, Chairman of Crufts Dog Show. “From the opening ceremony to the awarding of the winners we saw a different approach, and compared to previous years in even more relaxed atmosphere. I am definitively looking forward to this new 2015 edition.

Gerard Jipping, president of the Dutch Kennel Club is delighted to host again the Eukanuba World Challenge during the Amsterdam Winner Show 2015 “We can be proud of our achievements last year. With less than 6 months preparation, we’ve been able to deliver a great quality event. I am confident that this year, the show will reach another level. We are grateful to the breeders and their quality dogs who allow the competition to reach the highest level through their participation in the Amsterdam Winner Show.

The work has started for this 9th edition and some National Kennel Clubs have already selected their representative. The first major dog show winner will be known very soon during Crufts. As principal sponsor of Crufts, Eukanuba is looking forward to being there to congratulate this year winner and officially hand out his ticket for the finals in Amsterdam.

As foreseen, the usual EWC qualifying event for dogs from countries not having direct access to the Finals will be run during the FCI European Section Show in Oslo, Norway (4-6 September). Twenty-three countries have been invited to participate and two dogs will win the opportunity to participate in one of the sections in Amsterdam.

* Terms & Conditions apply.  Cf. Eukanuba World Challenge website ( for details and latest updates.

Amsterdam Winner Show 2015

The Amsterdam Winner Show will be held on December 12. & 13. 2015 and the Holland Cup on Friday December 11. 2015 at the Amsterdam RAI.

The Judgelist and entry Fees will publiced soon.

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List of Winners, Junior Winners and Veteran Winners 2014

Download the PDF mentioning all Winners per breed WinnerAmsterdamWinnerShowVoorPublicatie

Download the PDF mentioning all Junior Winners per breed JuniorWinnersAmsterdamWinnerShowVoorPublicatie

Download the PDF mentioning all Veteran Winners per breed VeteranWinnerAmsterdamWinnerShowVoorPublicatie



Saluki, Qirmizi Ovation, SE 53940/2012

Owner.: N. Eriksson


Petit Basset griffon vendéen, Caramel Apple v. Tum-Tum’s Vriendjes, NHSB 2860082

Owner.: G.M. Huikeshoven


Winner Group 1

Puli, anders dan wit, Bubbleton Feel The Spirit, DK 04326/2008

Owner.: S. Vonge


Winner Group 2

Affenpinscher, Tricky Ricky from Yarrow-Hi Tech, TS 09305400

Owner.: J. Budiman


Winner Group 3

Foxterrier Draadhaar, Kingarthur v. Foliny Home, LOSh 1106553

Owner.: R. de Munter


Winner Group 4

Dashond, langhaar, Xastor v.d. Hoefstal, NHSB 2911913

Owner.: K. Versluis


Winner Group 5

Siberian Husky, Misanja JP Coffer, JKC HU 00870/10

Owner.: I.O. Kakuta


Winner Group 6

Petit Basset griffon vendéen, Caramel Apple v. Tum-Tum’s Vriendjes, NHSB 2860082

Owner.: G.M. Huikeshoven


Winner Group 7

Bracco Italiano, Omar del Tavuliddaro, LOP 468421

Owner.: R. Colaço


Winner Group 8

Amerikaanse Cocker Spaniel, Chicomy’s Quite Sexy, NHSB 2854884

Owner.: W. Weijmans-Strijbos


Winner Group 9

Maltezer, Cinecittsa Sacha Baron Colen, ROI 11/82188

Owner.: F. Prosperi


Winner Group 10

Saluki, Qirmizi Ovation, SE 53940/2012

Owner.: N. Eriksson





Best in show and winnaar Group 7

Pointer, Cat. Nr. 1494, Kanix Irene,  KCReg. AQ03233204,

Owner.: C. Sonberg

Reserve Best in show and winner Group 10

Saluki, Cat. Nr. 2205, Qirmizi Ovation,  SE 53940/2012,

Owner.: N. Eriksson

Winner Group 1

Shetland Sheepdog, Cat. Nr. 112, Edglonian Singin The Blues,  KCReg. AJ00617301,

Owner.: D. Pearson

Winner Group 2

Affenpinscher, Cat. Nr. 281, Tricky Ricky from Yarrow-Hi Tech,  TS 09305400,

Owner.: J. Budiman

Winner Group 3

Foxterrier Draadhaar, Cat. Nr. 713, Kingarthur v. Foliny Home,  LOSh 1106553,

Owner.: Munter

Winner Group 4

Dashond, ruwhaar, Cat. Nr. 974, Radicchio della Val Vezzeno,  LOI 11/100966,

Owner.: M. Scarlato

Winner Group 5

Shiba, Cat. Nr. 1255, Vormund Fashion Baby,  KCReg. 0147 CX,

Owner.: L. Dunhill-Hall

Winner Group 6

Dalmatische Hond, Cat. Nr. 1352, Jezebel the Astonishing Sophtspot,  KCReg. AQ0904232,

Owner.: J. Christie

Winner Group 7

Pointer, Cat. Nr. 1494, Kanix Irene,  KCReg. AQ03233204,

Owner.: C. Sonberg

Winner Group 8

Flatcoated Retriever, Cat. Nr. 1570, Almanza Sweet Home Alabama,  FCR 1157,

Owner.: G. Baumgartner

Winner Group 9

Boston Terrier, Cat. Nr. 2184, Bogerudmyra’s Yda,  NO 57138/12,

Owner.: M. Sunde

Winner Group 10

Saluki, Cat. Nr. 2205, Qirmizi Ovation,  SE 53940/2012,

OWner.: N. Eriksson


Today, Dec. 5th, all confirmations of the Holland Cup & Amsterdam Winner Show sended by email.

If you didn’t received a confirmation, please contact

Change of judges

Dear exhibitors,

The entries are above expectations, for which we thank you.

Due to the fact that some judges had more entries than allowed we were forced to make some changes:


Changes for Winner Show

The Akita wil be judged by Ludmila Fintorova (SK)

The minor puppies, puppies and veterans of the Rhodesian Ridgeback will be judged by Ramune Kazlauskaite (LT)

The Deerhound and Italian Greyhound will be judged by Ana Mesto Martin (ES)

The Belgian Shepherd Dog, Laekenois will be judged by Hanne Leine Jensen (DK)


Changes Holland Cup

The Azawakh will be judged by Hanne Leine Jensen (DK)

The Greyhound will be judged by Jeff Horswell (GB)

The Boston Terrier, Maltese, Pekingese, Coton de Tuléar and the Havanese will be judged by Damir Skok (HR)


Please note that parking fee is per exit.

When you enter the parking of the RAI, your licence plate will be scanned.

To leave the parking you will have to buy an exit card for € 16.50

This price is per exit (it is not a day card)

Parkings and Campers

Staying overnicht at the parking of the RAI venue is not allowed.

More information you will find HERE

Entry terms prolonged with one week

Entry terms prolonged with one week.

The first term ends 19th October 2014 and the second and final term ends 19th November 2014



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