Dutch Winner and Fryslân Cup

The entry is closed. Look online dogshows for the catalogus and statistics. On this website you will also find the current list of judges and rates..

Titles and Qualifications


The Fryslan Cup and Winner are both CAC/CACIB shows. The FCI rules apply to the CACIB. For the CAC the Dutch rules. This means that the CAC is awarded to the best male and best bitch. These are chosen from all class winners (with the exception of the (minor) puppy).

Double points
The CAC on the Winner counts double (2 points), the reserve CAC counts as quarter point (1/4 point). The points for the Winner or Winners competition also count double on the Winner.

Winner titles
The following titles will be awarded on the Winner;
– Winner / Winster 2022 (W’22) for the best male and female (CAC)
– Youth winner / youth winner 2022 (JW’22) for the best male and female in youth class
– Veteranenwinner / Veteranenwinster 2022 (VW’22) for the best male and female in the veteran class.

Crufts Qualification
The Winner also counts as a qualification show for Crufts.

Ring of honor judges

 Fryslan Cup (25-11)Winner (26-11)Winner (27-11)
Junior Handlingmr. P. Buremamrs. Y. Caprinomr. G. Jipping
Minor puppymr. A. Foss (NO)mr. A. Zeppi (IT)mrs. G. Groeneweg-De Klerk
Puppymr. J. Poças (PT)mr. J. Williamsmr. J. Ohlsson (SE)
Veteraanmr. A. Zeppi (IT)mr. P. Buremamrs. M. Klok-‘t Hart
Koppelmrs. W. Hell-Frijtersmrs. M. Frankemrs. A. Lafleur-De Vries
Fokkerijgroepmrs. S. Lepasaar (EE)mr. M. Johansson (SE)mr. R. Schill (RO)
Gebruikshondmr. D. Baarsmrs. I. Novakova (CZ)mr. H. Lafleur
Groep 1mrs. I. Novakova (CZ)mrs. R. van Veen-KeurN/A
Groep 2mrs. N. Timmermans-KadenkoN/Amr. C. Habig (DE)
Groep 3mr. W. Wellensmr. G. Flyckt-Pedersen (USA)N/A
Groep 4mrs. A. GielisseN/Amr. W. Wellens
Groep 5mrs. M. ten CateN/Amr. G. Jipping
Groep 6mrs. B. Sluitermrs. S. Lepasaar (EE)N/A
Groep 7mr. M. Johansson (SE)N/Amr. A. Foss (NO)
Groep 8mr. J. Horswell (GB)N/Amr. D. Mensink
Groep 9mr. R. Schill (RO)mr. J. Kruczek (PL)N/A
Groep 10mr. P. Bottagisio (IT)mrs. A. GielisseN/A
Beste NL rasmr. R. Doedijnsmr. M. Wibiermrs. R. van Veen-Keur
Beste jeugdhond Xmrs. T. Urek (SI)
Best in Showmrs. J. Tschokkinen (FI)N/Amr. R. Doedijns