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The Royal Dutch Kennel Club “Cynophilia” has been organizing the Winner Exhibition since 1890 and since 2014 in collaboration with the Kennel Club in the Netherlands.

However, times change (see press release below), but we will not forget that the origin of the Winner lies with Cynophilia.

Press release May 6, 2016
Cynophilia transfers the Winner Show & Holland Cup organization to the Dutch Kennel Club

On April 13, there was consultation between KNK Cynophilia and the Board of Directors about the future of the organization of the Winner Show and Holland Cup.

The changes in society make it necessary to further professionalize an exhibition of this level. Such changes require a different organizational form and entail a greater financial risk. Matters that exceed the capabilities of KNK Cynophilia.

During the members meeting of KNK Cynophilia on April 12, 2016, the members were asked this issue. With a large majority (80% of the votes), the board of KNK Cynophilia has been given the mandate to enter into discussions with the Dutch Kennel Club to transfer the organization of the Winner Show. The name KNK Cynophilia will be permanently associated with the Winner Show.

This consultation went smoothly. With respect for KNK Cynophilia as founder of the Winner exhibition and from her contribution to the historical perspective for Dutch cynology, agreements have been made to the satisfaction of both parties that do each other justice.

It should not go unnoticed that KNK Cynophilia transfers the organization of one of its pillars to the Dutch Kennel Club with mixed feelings. However, the ratio prevails and given the changes within the cynological playing field it is better to have the Winner Show shaped in this way.

Parties trust that the chosen path ensures that the appearance, the cozy atmosphere and the characteristic experience will be preserved for the Dutch dog world.

end of press release.
The Winner Exhibition is the show in the Netherlands where the Crufts qualification can be obtained, as well as the titles: Youth Winner / Youth Winner, Winner / Winster and Veteran Winner / Veteran Winner. These titles are marked with a year by the Board of Directors in the Cynological Area in the Netherlands after the names of parents of newly born puppies.

The CAC achieved during the Winner counts double. However, the reserve CAC counts as a normal reserve CAC. If the CAC passes because the winner is already Dutch Champion, the double CAC will pass.

2014 – Winner exhibition: Cooperation Cynophilia and Dutch Kennel Club

2016 – Cynophilia hands over Winner Exhibition to the Board of Directors.


In 1890 the current Royal Dutch Kennel Club “Cynophilia” was founded. In the same year she organized her first exhibition in Scheveningen.

Het volgende jaar, in 1891, organiseerde Cynophilia er twee, de eerste in Amsterdam- het prille begin van wat later een lange reeks van tentoonstellingen zou worden – en de tweede weer in Scheveningen.

In de eerste 12 jaren van haar bestaan organiseerde Cynophilia 16 tentoonstellingen door het hele land, te weten in: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Scheveningen, Nijmegen, Breda, Groningen en Maastricht. Twee tentoonstellingen werden in samenwerking met de huidige Koninklijke Nederlandse Jagers Vereniging georganiseerd.

n those years, Cynophilia and the KNJV laid the foundation for the dog exhibitions as we know them today, a basis on which the later founded local canine associations have been able to build.

Organizing dog exhibitions was not an attractive company financially at the time. When Cynophilia celebrated its 20th anniversary in 1910 and staged its 25th exhibition, it turned out that it had committed more than NLG 48,000.00 in the first 24 exhibitions. In 1926 the title “Winner” was added to the exhibitions.

When Mr. J. Oskam, the then secretary of Cynophilia, gave a speech in 1950 at the 60th anniversary of Cynophilia, he announced that the 62 exhibitions organized by the association had resulted in a shortfall of almost NLG 85,000.00. This deficit was repeatedly made up by voluntary contributions from members.

After 1952, the number of registrations grew steadily. In 1977, the limit of 4,500 dogs was crossed for the first time. 1985 was a special year for Dutch cynology. In that year, the world conference of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale was held for the first time in the Netherlands and a special Winner Exhibition was held in honor of it. This World Congress winner brought in no less than 10,194 registrations.

In 1989 another beautiful anniversary was celebrated, the 100th exhibition of Cynophilia had a beautiful registration of 5,212 dogs. The numbers have been fairly stable in recent years, with registrations between 4200 and 5000 registrations. The Winner has more and more foreign registrations. The World Exhibition in the Netherlands was organized in 2002 and the Winner title was linked to this. More than 14,000 dogs were registered at this exhibition.

For the first time in 2013, a one-day CACIB exhibition with 1992 entries was organized in Amsterdam on the Friday prior to the Winner weekend.

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