Junior handling

Junior Handling

During the weekend of the Christmas Winner Show, the final of the Board of Junior Handling will take place on Saturday, with the title: Dutch Junior Handling Champion. The Dutch Junior Handling Champion may represent the Netherlands during the World Winner Show, European Winner Show and Crufts. If the Dutch Champion is unable to attend, his / her place for the show in question may be taken by the Reserve Dutch Junior Handling Champion, subject to written confirmation from the Board of Directors.

One must qualify for this final. Five juniors are placed at every CACIB exhibition. Number 1 qualifies for the final. If he has already qualified at a previous exhibition, the qualification will continue to the next who has not yet qualified. If all 5 have already been placed, the qualification expires. The final is only open to participants with a Dutch nationality who live in the Netherlands.

Every finalist will receive a special invitation to participate in this thrilling final.

You can find all results and qualifications on the website of the Board of Directors.

In addition to this Junior Handling final, a debutants competition will be held on Sunday.

More information can be found on this page: https://www.oudenvanhonden.nl/actief-met-je-hond/showen-met-je-hond/junior-handling/Kerst

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